The action takes place in Lupin’s sitting room just after New Year, the friends meet to have their post-Christmas post mortem.  Naturally, not everything went according to plan, gifts were exchanged, the Queen’s speech was listened to, Grandma hit the sherry and Lupin’s husband has concussion.  The washing machine and dishwasher are on the blink and there is water coming from the kitchen ceiling.  It’s the start of a new year Lupin will never forget.



All the characters except JO are ladies of a certain age, but could be aged slightly up or down depending on the actors you have available.

LUPIN – Late forties/early fifties, Lupin is the hostess, gracious and pleasant but able to deliver the odd jibe if necessary.

JANE – Similar age to Lupin, but with a sharper tongue, Lupin and Jane’s daughters are often in competition for parts in the nativity but they managed to stay friends.  Jane does not suffer fools gladly, or indeed at all.

LIZ – A slightly quieter member of the group, but manages to hold her own against Jane and Lupin..

SUE – The gentler member of the group who often takes a little longer to grasp the nuances of the conversation.

JO – Twenties or early thirties.  Jo is a female plumber and very glamorous.

MRS PATTERSON-SMYTHE – A similar age to Lupin and her friends or slightly older.  A woman with a large personality and plenty of confidence.

GRANNY – Lupin’s mother, who says very little but drinks a lot of sherry which she has hidden in close reach of the chair she sits in.  When she does speak, she commands the room


‘REVENGE OF THE SPROUTS’ was first performed by Hartley Arts Group December 2018 with the following cast;

Lupin - Amanda Pennington

Jane: Antonia Demetriadi

Granny - Lesley Parish

Liz - Paola Burgess

Sue - Sue Molyneux

Jo the Plumber - Julie MacDonald

Mrs Patterson-Smythe - Pat Haigh

Directed by Lesley Nicholls.

Approximately 45 mins