Two lands, the homes of Plaidie Maynard P. Maple & Greenie Flora N. Fauna hate the citizens of the other land due to what they believe to be the abject differentness of their customs and the way each celebrates Christmas. Mr Tannenbaum, lumber baron, villain, and arch expert at keeping conflict at a rolling boil searches for the world’s last Christmas tree. Finding Bruce the Blue Spruce, Tannenbaum causes a bidding war for the world’s last Christmas tree. Finally, the only way Maynard and Flora will have enough money to buy Bruce from Tannenbaum is by pooling their resources. Bruce is the mediator and reconciles the two lands by showing them their differences aren’t so different and their Christmas traditions are compatible. The traditions of both lands are celebrated in the decoration of Bruce, who “a little bit scrawny” for Flora’s taste, has audience members added to make Bruce a fuller and more beautiful tree. Tannenbaum is even reconciled when he is asked to Christmas dinner by the now two peaceful lands.

Two simple songs, both nation’s Christmas songs introduce the show and are sung by the audience repeatedly throughout. The audience also actively assists in the trading sessions, the bidding for Bruce, and the decoration of the tree.






BRUCE = Bruce, the Blue Christmas Spruce, a humanoid tree in blue

FLO = Flora, Ma Kettle type, colorful personality, dresses in green

MNRD = Maynard, lumberjack, dresses in reds and plaids

TNBM = Tannenbaum, lumber baron, villain, dresses in black


Premiere production: Goldrenrod Showboat, St Louis, Missouri – Deborah Dennenberg, Producer

Chicago Production: Chicago Public Library – Patricia Halpop Fox, Producer


The children are seated on four sides of an arena staging area or a proscenium playing area can be split down the middle of the audience. As they enter the playing area, they are given either a penny or a piece of paper money they will use in the show. Company members help seat the children and explain signals for quiet to be used by the cast and establish contact with the audience before the show. Children should also be told to keep the four gangways to the stage open during the course of the show. Much adlibbing can & should be done within the confines of the script in establishing contact with the audience. When the actors are offstage with children they have chosen from the audience, they should be very specific in explaining what sort of help is needed from them. The staging area is divided into two triangles one with red ribbon the other with green ribbon. All four actors enter the playing space dressed in a basic costume over which they will wear their character costumes. Faint sleigh bells underscore entry and opening speeches.

RUNNING TIME: Approximately 45 minutes