Coming of age drama set in Dublin in 1997 based loosely on real life events. A boy buys a pony with his grandfather’s birthday money unbeknown to the rest of his family. But a new law is coming into force that may mean that he will lose his horse and new found purpose in life.



SEAN KEENAN A is .boy of about sixteen. He is seemingly un-academic. At the beginning of the play he seems like a no-hoper, a loser, to both his parents and teachers. He has not found his main interest in life yet. When he does, he will be both determined, and hardworking.

TOM KEENAN is unemployed and SEAN'S father. He is a man of about forty five. His own life has made him view academic success and going to university as the only way his children can escape from unemployment and poverty. He is then bitterly disappointed when they fail to live up to his expectations.

ANN KEENAN is a cleaner and SEAN'S mother. She is also about forty-five. She was once pretty, but has now become a bit of a drudge, and is very much in the shadow of her domineering husband. She is tired of the financial sacrifices the family has had to make over the years.

BRENDAN KEENAN is eighteen and SEAN'S older brother. He is also unemployed, and has turned to petty crime to finance his needs, which includes money for drugs. He is academically bright, but has given up on education.

MARY KEENAN is bright, and set for academic success at school. Mary firmly believes in SEAN, and is always taking his side in arguments.

MIKE SHAUNESSY is a boy of about SEAN'S own age. He is outgoing and friendly.

BRIAN DONOGHUE is the owner of some stables just outside DUBLIN. He is a man of about forty. He is business-like and fair.

JOHN BROPHY is the person who runs QUARRYVALE PONY CLUB.(QUARRYVALE is a real place, and JOHN BROPHY is a real person.)

LIAM KEENAN is TOM'S brother and SEAN'S Uncle.

MAN FROM THE CORPORATION This man was sent to destroy SEAN'S pony.

Approximately 35-40 minutes