Would you like some lunch? A sandwich? How hard could it be? In A Lakeside Lunch - a Restaurant Farce, a noon day meal gets served up in a fast-paced whirlwind of comic mayhem when an irate waiter, a loud and opinionated chef, and a small gang of singing servers take on a customer's innocent question and a three-ring circus explodes in a peaceful hotel dining room. Grandma's side dish of peas never arrives, the chicken has an unusual smell, and when that meat ball goes rolling out of that bun, off the plate and out on to the floor, maybe you just want to go home, skip lunch altogether, and have a big bowl of cereal. How hard could it be? We are talking lunch here; however, in A Lakeside Lunch - a Restaurant Farce, lunch is a challenging situation and a playfully delicious slice of life!



The Waiter (m/f)

The Customer (m)

The Female Customer (f)

The Chef (m/f)

The Grandma at Another Table (f)

A Male Singing Waiter (Bass) (m)

A Female Singing Waiter (Soprano) (f)

Pierre, a French Male Singing Waiter (Tenor) (m)

Another Female Singing Waiter (Alto) (f)

Approximately 10 minutes